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For over a decade, I have observed the shifting of the higher education landscape in to the Modern Collegiate Experience. Through interactions with 30 000+ incoming students, I have established a framework or model that shapes the way I craft opportunities for students and staff to discover signature experiences. Signature experiences are dynamic, ever changing moments in time that create the anchors for student and employee persistence. No matter the type of community you might belong to, I assure you - your students are looking for that signature experience that makes them say - this is why I choose your community of learning.

This blog introduces you to the framework I have developed, publications I have written, and thoughts from my journal on the field of Orientation, Transition and Retention.


From the Journal

An opportunity to share my thoughts and ideas around the evolving practice of student (and employee) engagement. Some pieces are reflections drawing on a decade of work with over 30,000+ students in transition to and from higher education while others are thought pieces on how the Orientation, Transition and Retention field moves forward as a collective practice.



A new era is arriving in higher education driven by shifting economic realities, changing demographics and the continued advancement of technology. It is the dawn of the Modern Collegiate Experience and with it comes a need for bold new frameworks to shape and guide the work of student development professionals.


Each aspect of the framework will be explored through journal entries, a features page and testimonials from those who have adapted it to their own work.



The Essential Guide to Becoming A Master Student, 1st Canadian Edition is written using the Framework for Signature Experiences and is available for us in schools across Canada. Knowing how important value based goals are, I revised the Quick Guide to Goals and Priorities; a must for anyone looking to improve their goal setting.

The Essential Guide to Becoming a Master Student, First Canadian Edition

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Nelson Quick Guide to Goals and Priorities, 5th Edition

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